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Permanent Representation

Created: 2014.11.25 / Updated: 2015.09.14 16:10

The Mission of the Republic of Lithuania to the EC was founded on 3rd December 1991 in Brussels. After the Lithuania’s entry into the EU the status of the Mission changed – from 1st May 2004 it is called the Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the EU.

The Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union is the biggest diplomatic mission of Lithuania abroad and it includes representatives of all the ministries of Lithuania. The Permanent Representative and the team participate daily in the European decision-making process in the Council, its working bodies and Coreper, making sure that Lithuania’s interests are defended. They work closely with the all EU member states in the Council of the European Union and the EU institutions.

Premises of the Representation. The architectural ensemble, built in XVIII and XIX centuries, was purchased by the Lithuanian Government in February 2002. The premises made of 3200 metres occupy 4 storeys; a two-storey garage is constructed under the building. The Representation settled down here in September 2003.

Main tasks of the Representation:

  • Represent and defend the rights and rightful interests of the Republic of Lithuania, its citizens, businessmen and other legal persons in the institutions of the EU
  • Participate in the creation of EU law
  • Promote Lithuania’s good relations with the EU institutions and member states
  • Help regions and municipalities of Lithuania, Lithuanian citizens and enterprises to establish direct relations with the EU institutions, help Lithuanian business, interest and professional organisations to develop relations with similar EU organisations
  • Spread information about Lithuania, its political, social and economic situation, culture and science, traditions

Activities of the Representation:

  • Finance Policy
  • Structural Policy
  • Taxation
  • Customs
  • Justice and Home Affairs
  • Security and Military Questions
  • EU Co-operation with the World Regions
  • Foreign Commerce
  • Development Policy
  • Access to the Documents
  • Employment
  • Social Policy
  • Health
  • Competition Policy (Economy, Internal Market, R&D)
  • Industrial Property Protection
  • State Aid
  • Consumers Protection
  • Transport
  • Telecommunications and Post
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary, Phytosanitary and Food Safety
  • Fisheries
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Youth Affairs
  • Culture
  • Relations with Interest Groups
  • Public Relations
  • Press and Information

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